427tall deck bore and stroke

427 tall deck motor | Performance Boats Forum

My tall deck was fine to 4.375 stroke. I didn't chase the bore past .040 over because I didnt need to. I have read 4.5 stroke is capable, but I dont know. Block casting technology was not as top notch and consistent as todays aftermarket blocks. As stated earlier in ...

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366T/427T engines - Tradecraft Specialties

366/427 tall deck specifications: Cylinder block deck height: 10.2 inches 366 standard bore: 3.935 inches 427 standard bore: 4.25 inches crankshaft stroke: 3.76 inches Bore spacing, center-to-center: 4.84 inches Compression ratio: 8.0:1

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BBC 427TD Bore Stroke MAX question | NastyZ28.com

BBC 427TD Bore Stroke MAX question i have a gen 4 427 tall deck block and i have been getting some contradictory answers on what size bore and crank i can fit in it. please if anyone knows for a fact what the max bore and stroke is please let me know.

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427 tall deck..max cubic Inch | Chevelles.com

What the max Bore and stroke limits for the 427 tall deck block, will a 4.375 or 4.500 crank swing in these blocks ?? The Vol. 10, Hotrod Book, by Carterch, "How to Build Monster Chevy Big Blocks" state's that back before aftermarket BB's were readily available ...

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427 tall stroker | Team Camaro Tech

I just bought a 427 tall deck block, was thinking about using a 4.375 stroke crank (6.535 rods)and a .060 over bore whick comes out to about 510 cubic inches, found a nice forged crank (4.375)in competition products catalog for $599, also saw a cast steel cast ...

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TALL DECK 427 BUILD - Don Terrill’s Speed-Talk

Depending on the block itself, and it'll need to be sonic tested, if you pour it you can run a 4.375" bore. A 4.5" stroke can be done, with steel rods. Theoretically you could go 4.625" stroke, it has been done, but I don't think it's a good idea. What you actually NEED ...

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what is the difference between a tall deck 427 chev. and a normal block? | The H.A.M.B.

The 427 block has a bore of 4.25" and a stroke of 3.76". Usually these blocks can go .06" overbore with no issues but can go up to .100" over if it checks out with thick enough cylinder walls. The max stroke is debatable- 4.25" is the norm but some claim 4.375".

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BBC Tall Deck Stroke Options - Don Terrill’s Speed-Talk

I have a customer that has a tall deck block he wants to save and we have to stroke options. One is to go 4" stroke with 6.800 rod 4.380 bore and the other is 4.250 same rod length and bore size. This is a max effort deal but trying to reuse some of his inventory of parts to do a repair deal and make it live longer.

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Steam Workshop::Adjustable bore and deck height

Adjustable bore and deck height. After trying all the ones for previous version and no luck i set down and wrote my own. The bore is adjustable from stock to .060 over (real world numbers) I had to leave measurement in millimeters the game can only show decimal reading to .0 (tenths).

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