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Train Chart Preparation Time and Rules (Indian Railways)

The Train Chart for such special types of trains like the Rajdhani or Super-fast trains is prepared 2-4 hours before the scheduled departure of that train. In case the train is scheduled for departure in the early morning, then the chart is prepared 12 hours before the departure and for all other trains running to different places, the chart is prepared 2-3 hours before the departure.

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Train Charting: Everything You Need to Know | RailRestro Blog - Food in Train

The chart prepared is the final chart. Yet you should keep checking PNR status before 30 minutes of the departure of train. There are some confirmation probability for their tickets because railways have to adjust quota seats, tatkal seats, RAC adjustment or to manage the rush railways add extra coaches in the train through which there are high chances for the waitlist tickets to get a confirm ... ImagesMore results in images

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Charting "Chart Prepared" or "Chart Not Prepared" - eRail.in

The first chart is usually prepared 4 hours before departure of train from originating station or remote location station. For early morning trains chart is prepared the night before. If the seats remain vacant in first chart, the remaining seats are made available for booking. The final chart is made 30min before departure of train.

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When is a chart prepared for a long-distance train? - Quora

According to IRCTC, a chart will be prepared before 4 hours of departure of the train. Chart preparations timing depends on the departure of train timing. Basically, the chart preparation timing is different for different train and it also depends on the train departure time whether it is in the morning or evening.

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What are the rules of charting / when is chart prepared ? - Railways FAQ - Railway Enquiry - India Rail Info

Charts are prepared on the basis of departure time from the stations to which the Reservation Quota pertains. A train has multiple charting based on different Quota provided for the train. The phenomena are basically as follows: 1.

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Everything about Trains ! Chart Preparation Time?

Chart preparation is typically when the reservation activities are closed and final passenger list is printer. So what is the chart preparation time for a train? It depends on the train. Typically the chart is prepared 4 to 6 hours prior to departure of the train.

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IRCTC: Train Chart Preparation time for Railways 2019-2020 | SaveDelete

Train chart preparation time depends on the train and its departure time which is only limited to the reserved trains. A train chart is prepared precisely 4 hours before the train departs from its source station which differs for the trains that leave early in the morning and late in the night.

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Purpose of Rail Charts

Rail chart is prepared with little history, that can mislead the traveler and definitely can matter the quality of travel greatly. To know more, visit http://w…

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IRCTC Train Charting: Train Chart Preparation Time, Train Chart Status, Train Chart Online and More

Message: Final Chart Not Yet Prepared When the charting status means “Final Chart not yet prepared,” then there is a probability of the waitlisted or RAC tickets getting confirmed. Before the final chart preparation, there are a whole lot of factors to consider, such as the RAC adjustment, Tatkal seat confirmation, quota seat placement, and so on are yet to be finalised.

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